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How to use Silverina?

The Silverina package is ready to use as soon as you receive it. You can start using our silver caps that you take out of the box directly to your nipple and start using them in the bra and enjoy your motherhood.

Use for pregnant woman:

We recommend using it at certain times of the day 2-3 weeks before birth. As you approach the birth, you can increase the time from 1-2 hours to 3-4 hours. After the birth, we recommend that it be used continuously day and night after breastfeeding.

Use for mild wounds and irritations:

We recommend that silver caps be used on the nipple as long as possible during the day while you are not breastfeeding your baby. You can use some milk by rubbing it on the lids so that it can easily stick to your nipple.

Use for deep wounds:

In order to perform the best performance on your nipples, the silver caps should be lifted from the nipple at certain intervals and contact with air. We recommend that your nipples do not come into contact with the bra or hard fabric when you remove the caps.

Cleaning and maintenance:

Thanks to the anti-bacterial properties of silver, you do not need to wash it before every breastfeeding. If you are uncomfortable with the milk residue on your lids, it is sufficient to rinse and dry with water. In addition, in case your baby is uncomfortable with the milk residue on the nipple, you can clean your nipple with the help of a moist and soft cotton. It should not be cleaned with any chemicals such as alcohol, dishwashing liquid, bleach. Since our lids are made of silver, darkening may occur over time, it is enough to rub and rinse briefly with carbonate and water once a month for the first day's shine.

We do not recommend use for mothers who are allergic to silver.

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