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Motherhood is a joyful journey yet devoted and difficult.

Start your motherhood journey with Silverina.

Silverina breast caps, made of 925 sterling silver and 100% handmade, nickel-free and guaranteed satisfaction. 

What is Silverina?

Silverina, 925 sterling silver protective breast caps designed for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.  


Silver breast covers have been produced in different brands in the world for many years and used by mothers. It is a suitable option to provide nipple protection against the already occurring nipple sensitization during breastfeeding.


Silverina, made of 925 sterling silver and 100% handcrafted, has no expiry date. Its functionality does not change over time, it can be used for generations

Silverina is a special gift option for mothers or expectant mothers in terms of functionality and quality.


  • 100% hand made

  • Nickel-free

  • Easy to use, can be used anywhere and anytime

  • Only 925 sterling silver was used in its construction

  • It is a protective shield for friction

  • Has no effect on the taste or smell of breast milk

  • It does not require the use of cream, so it does not pose a problem such as contamination, your baby is not exposed to chemicals

Silverina Nedir?
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